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Where did the Blue Skies go?

It seems to be a daily scene-no more blue skies! While it may be difficult to imagine, climate change IS man-made, but not exactly what most people think…

Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch, says that we are close to completely killing off our planet. He says may the Bee Collapse is directly related to the fallout from Geoengineering. He wants to “wake up those who are asleep at the wheel.” The paradigm, as Dane refers to it, feels that the engineered climate is 100 percent malignant.

“This is the most dire and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm, period.” says Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Dane and I last spoke one year ago and Dane says the biosphere collapse of planet earth has only gotten far, far worse. From the Great Barrier Reef to 165 degree temperatures in Iran and Iraq, the ability of earth to sustain life, is rapidly reaching the point of no return. If we don’t stop these malevolent Geoengineering and climate modification programs, we’re dead.

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