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California Utility to hit NEM Cap Soon: The New NEM 2.0

SDG&E is the first to hit cap, followed by PG&E (NorCal) and finally SCE (SoCal) Therefore, it will be the first utility in California to enter NEM 2.0 territory, which kicks in after the 5% penetration mark is reached. This means that new, more expensive rules will come into effect …

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Sonoma Clean Power: PG&E Exit Fees-What’s Ahead?

What’s in Store for Community Choice and Sonoma Clean Power? PG&E wants to double exit charge on customers who opt for Community Choice. Fee increases would also apply to Sonoma Clean Power and Marin Clean Energy. Today, PUC president Michael Picker presides over a commission poised to eiNearly 90 percent …

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Solar Power Bright future After Recent PUC ruling

 This is good news for solar and a step in the right direction. However, we are still going to see some changes to the current Net Energy Metering agreement, changes soon to be announced. Daily News Reported: Rooftop solar-power panels have bloomed across houses and businesses over the last decade to …

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2013-Idaho Power Gets 15% Rate Hike

About 70% of all water in the West comes from snowpack and this year’s low levels are already putting a crimp on everything from fish to power generators. To make up for the shortfall caused by these factors, Idaho Power Company’s residential customers will be assessed a one-year surcharge of …

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