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California’s Last Nuclear Power Plant: PG&E to Close Diablo Canyon,

One of California’s largest energy utilities took a bold step in the 21st century electricity revolution with an agreement to close its last operating nuclear plant and develop more solar, wind and other clean power technologies. The decision announced Tuesday by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to close its beleaguered Diablo Canyon nuclear plant within the …

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Climate Engineering Mayhem Continues To Take Its Toll

 The unraveling of Earth’s life support systems continues to accelerate all over the globe. Devastating droughts, highly destructive deluges, record forest fires, and completely engineered snowstorms, all are taking a horrific toll on the planet. Though academia and mainstream media still refuse to acknowledge the geoengineering atrocities, the damage related to these programs …

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Where did the Blue Skies go?

It seems to be a daily scene-no more blue skies! While it may be difficult to imagine, climate change IS man-made, but not exactly what most people think… Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch, says that we are close to completely killing off our planet. He says may the Bee Collapse …

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California Green Carpool Stickers: Going, Going..Gone!

DMV still accepting applications, but cannot currently issue and additional stickers Solo carpool-lane access has proven to be one of the most effective tools to get California drivers to buy plug-in electric cars. In the meantime, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will continue accept applications and put those owners …

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