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PG&E Rate Confusion: Most Customers do not Understand their Bill (Video)

If you find yourself confused by how you pay for energy, you are not alone. It has become increasingly difficult to understand the “new” PG&E rate plans and how you are actually charged for energy every month. Peninsula resident Marsha Townsend told KPIX 5 the letter came as a surprise. …

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Net Energy Metering (NEM) Basics and Your Bill

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How Net Energy Metering (NEM) Works It is important to understand how your bill will be impacted when you make the smart decision to upgrade your home to Solar. A simple way to understand net energy is this: Energy you produce, minus the energy you consume, equals net energy. PG&E …

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Sonoma Clean Power: PG&E Exit Fees-What’s Ahead?

What’s in Store for Community Choice and Sonoma Clean Power? PG&E wants to double exit charge on customers who opt for Community Choice. Fee increases would also apply to Sonoma Clean Power and Marin Clean Energy. Today, PUC president Michael Picker presides over a commission poised to eiNearly 90 percent …

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