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Idaho Power Seeks Changes for Solar Customer Compensation

Traditional state utility companies are scrambling to address rising Infrastructure and maintenance costs. Its an old system and cannot even compete with the simplicity, effectiveness and lower costs of distributed energy systems (solar, wind…etc). By KIMBERLEE KRUESI, Associated Press BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho Power said Thursday it wants permission …

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Research Findings: Does Solar Increase Your Home Value?

This is a very interesting study because it illuminates the value solar adds to home prices. This is above and beyond the actual savings from the solar system itself, based on unpredictable utility rates. A new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs shows that residential photovoltaic energy systems in California …

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Net Energy Metering (NEM) Basics and Your Bill

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How Net Energy Metering (NEM) Works It is important to understand how your bill will be impacted when you make the smart decision to upgrade your home to Solar. A simple way to understand net energy is this: Energy you produce, minus the energy you consume, equals net energy. PG&E …

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Solar Tax Credit: How it Works and How to Benefit

Not everyone can benefit from the Investment Tax Credit (ITC)-Check with your tax professional to better understand the impact to your specific situation Congress has voted to extend the solar tax credit for homeowners through 2021. Homeowners, solar companies, and industry advocates alike were given a big Christmas gift in 2015 …

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