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Your Dog’s Immune System: A Raw Diet May Fine-Tune it

“Every time a dog eats food it affects the genes and how the genes are expressed,” explains Dr. Johanna. “This means that the genes can be more active or inactive because of the diet or the nutrients in the diet. At the end, this means that the proteins that are produced from those genes, the amount of proteins can be either increased or decreased in the body.

Those proteins are used as enzymes in different kinds of metabolic events in the body, or they can be used in cell membranes as a transporter for the nutrients, or they can be proteins that activate some genes or inactivate others. They are very important to the functioning of the body.

The raw food may enhance and activate the immune system in the skin, which is really interesting and makes me wonder if raw food might be beneficial at a young age when the immune system is developing. Perhaps it needs something to do so it’s not just hanging around in a really clean environment with nothing to do.


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