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Going Solar with Costco? – Some Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Costco. . .

What I really like about Costco is that they listen to their customers and their employees. Its all about value and quality, for their employee and customer shareholders. In the early days, Costco was criticized that they “could not do it this way” and their “business model would not survive”-well, the proof is in their success. Unlike no other retail giant, Costco Members LOVE their company and shopping experience for all the right reasons-members can even buy their Solar System at Costco! 

We all have a man named Mr. Price to thank goodhousekeeping.comfor this retail superstore.

Costco is known for being a one-stop bulk shop for all your household items — and also a few more wacky things, like a giant (!) Teddy bear. But there’s also a lot of history (and some insider secrets!) to this popular chain.

Second only to Walmart, Costco’s not hurting for shoppers: 79 million customers seek out this superstore every year even though there’s an annual membership fee that ranges from $55 (for basic coverage) to $110.

Well, as long as you know someone else who is a member. If you do, ask them to buy you a Costco Cash Card — it’s basically a gift card — which gives you shopping access to these mega stores.

In fact, they sold almost 400,000 automobiles in 2014. Unfortunately for them, they don’t make a profit from the sales, since the company is only an intermediary between a dealer and the customer. All in the name of providing the most bang for the membership buck.

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What do Costco Employees Like About Their Employer?

Walmart, by contrast, has a troublesome history with employees, low quality products and living wage benefits:

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