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Metabolic Stress: Kibble-fed Dogs Have Elevated Levels

I’m currently studying the response dogs have on a metabolic level to food and different diets. It’s important to note this field is actually called metabonomics. Metabolomics is an interchangeable term nowadays. So I’m focused on metabolites because metabolites have such a crucial role in our physiology and a strong link to what we eat. Hippocrates said, ‘Food is thy medicine.’

What we eat is what makes us. So, I figured metabolites is a really great way of studying exactly how nutrition affects dogs. “The first result that I think is really fascinating and that you saw when you visited here, was that we can do pure metabolomic analysis. Even targeted metabolomic analysis, in which we simply got a snapshot of what the metabolome looks like for a dog after having been on a diet that’s unknown to us. Our baseline dogs actually had random metabolite values. There weren’t any significant discrepancies in their values in our baseline.”

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