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Moringa Tree: a powerful “multivitamin” by many around the world

health-benefits-of-moringa-treeAlthough this plant was initially discovered for its beneficial properties thousands of years ago, only recently  has moringa (sometimes called the Ben oil tree) become known as one of the most impressive herbal supplements to hit the holistic health market. In fact, in 2008 the National Institute of Health called moringa (moringa oleifera) the “plant of the year,” acknowledging that “perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major environmental problems and provide for many unmet human needs.” (1) Clearly, moringa benefits are highly touted and deservedly so. To date, over 1,300 studies, articles and reports have focused on moringa benefits and this plant’s healing abilities that are important in parts of the world that are especially susceptible to disease outbreak and nutritional deficiencies.

Moringa is known by over 100 names in different languages around the world. This easy-to-grow tropical plant species, native to the Himalayan mountains and parts of India and Africa, comes packed with over 90 protective compounds, including isothiocyanates, flavonoids and phenolic acids. Moringa has gained a reputation for fighting inflammation and combating various effects of malnutrition and aging, earning the nickname “the miracle plant.”


1. Provides Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

2. Balances Hormones and Slows the Effects of Aging

3. Helps Improve Digestive Health

4. Balances Blood Sugar Levels, Helping Fight Diabetes

5. Protects and Nourishes the Skin

6. Helps Stabilize Your Mood and Protects Brain Health

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