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Organic polymer solar cells expected to open niche market opportunities

Today I came across this story from that focuses on new innovation:

While they cannot match the durability and efficiency of inorganic silicon-based solar cells, organic polymer solar cells show potential to provide power to remote microwatt sensors, wearable technology and the Wi-Fi-connected devices constituting the Internet of Things. Organic solar cells hold a great deal of promise for the PV industry, but their path towards commercialization is a long one. Although they have garnered much attention over the past decade, the commercial proliferation of organic polymer solar cells (PSCs) has been halted by expensive raw materials, longevity issues and lower power conversion efficiency compared to inorganic solar cells. However, their light weight, transparency, flexibility and roll-to-roll production capability suggest they may find potential niche market opportunities. While this emerging technology is unlikely to replace traditional inorganic solar cells, a new research paper titled, Polymer solar cells: P3HT:PCBM and beyond points to a number of additional applications of PSCs, reviewing the latest advances and remaining challenges in the field. “PSCs have this ability to be flexible, because they basically are plastics, so you can put them on backpacks, jackets and even coffee creamer — a whole range of things where it’s at the point of use,” said Paul Berger of Ohio State University, one of the authors of the report published in Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. Unique properties of organic polymer solar cells expected to open niche market opportunities

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