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PUC Proposal: SolarCity & Vivent Threaten to Shut Down Nevada Operations

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 SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) says it will be forced to “cease sales and installation operations in Nevada” if a proposal on solar charges is approved by the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) tomorrow.

The proposal includes a two-part tariff consisting of a fixed service charge and a volume-based commodity charge, and would apply retroactively to all net metering customers (i.e. solar users being credited for electricity delivered to the grid). Local utility NV Energy had been seeking a demand charge.

The PUC is also proposing to transition all residential and small commercial net metering customers to a cost-based rate structure over the next four years to eliminate “unreasonable” cost shifts between ratepayers.

SolarCity: “There is so much wrong with the decision, the only option for the PUC is to reject it. The one beneficiary of this decision would be NV Energy, whose monopoly will have been protected … The decision would retroactively sabotage the investments Nevadans have already made in solar, even though they were encouraged by their government to make those investments.

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Source: SeekingAlpha

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