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IV vitamin C therapy: A Cancer Perspective

Like most good things, simplicity is usually the best common denominator of the solution. There is so much solid research on Vitamin C, it is quite astounding that it is not the cornerstone of any effective disease therapy in the West. The good news is that patients can still take …

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The Natural Process of Healing: Alternative Medicine

“Take this five times a day for six weeks. While taking it you’ll start feeling better.” Sounds like you are in your doctor’s office, receiving a bottle of pills from a man in a white coat. Well, instead you are under canvas deep in the mountains where a shaman is …

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Vitamin C: The Real Facts

Like so many proven health solutions of the past, based on common sense and real science, not corporate profits! Maybe Linus Pauling was on to something after all. Decades ago the Nobel Prize–winning chemist was relegated to the fringes of medicine after championing the idea that vitamin C could combat a host …

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Proven Cases Where Dogs are Better for Your Health than Your Doctor

Dog owners will really be able to connect with this great article on This is something we already know, but there is some great scientific study behind it. Dogs make wonderful pets. They are great listeners, very loyal and loving companions. Many people say their lives would be empty without …

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