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Homeowners Cash In On Idaho Solar Net Metering Program

Early adopters always get the greatest benefits of solar powering their homes. As state utility companies change their rules, existing solar customers are “grand-fathered” with their existing solar credit program, while brand new solar customers receive a new Net Energy Metering program (usually less beneficial to customer). Idaho Power serves …

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Idaho Power Seeks Changes for Solar Customer Compensation

Traditional state utility companies are scrambling to address rising Infrastructure and maintenance costs. Its an old system and cannot even compete with the simplicity, effectiveness and lower costs of distributed energy systems (solar, wind…etc). By KIMBERLEE KRUESI, Associated Press BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho Power said Thursday it wants permission …

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2013-Idaho Power Gets 15% Rate Hike

About 70% of all water in the West comes from snowpack and this year’s low levels are already putting a crimp on everything from fish to power generators. To make up for the shortfall caused by these factors, Idaho Power Company’s residential customers will be assessed a one-year surcharge of …

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