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Homeowners Cash In On Idaho Solar Net Metering Program

Early adopters always get the greatest benefits of solar powering their homes. As state utility companies change their rules, existing solar customers are “grand-fathered” with their existing solar credit program, while brand new solar customers receive a new Net Energy Metering program (usually less beneficial to customer). Idaho Power serves …

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Net Energy Metering (NEM) Basics and Your Bill

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How Net Energy Metering (NEM) Works It is important to understand how your bill will be impacted when you make the smart decision to upgrade your home to Solar. A simple way to understand net energy is this: Energy you produce, minus the energy you consume, equals net energy. PG&E …

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Solar Battery Storage: Sonnen cuts battery system cost by 40%-A new era in home solar

These Batteries are ushering in a new era for home energy storage-as these batteries become cost-effective to homeowners, they will start integrating them into their home solar systems, and become less dependent on the current monopoly-based dirty energy. German battery maker Sonnen has introduced a compact battery designed for residential use …

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California Utilities: How your Electricity Rates are Changing

We are in the midst of the greatest utility rate structure change over the last 15 years! If you get electricity from Southern California Edison, you’ll probably pay more starting Wednesday — and bigger rate changes are on the horizon for all California utilities. Wednesday’s rate hike stems from a controversial decision by …

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California Solar Subsidies: Understanding Solar Incentives

Incentives continue to evolve and change with the industry California is ground zero for solar energy in the United States. So, it seems logical to start our state-level solar energy deep dives here. In the article below, I’ll provide as thorough a look at California solar incentives + solar installers …

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Unlikely Alliance Between Utility and Solar Companies in New York

Utilities now complain that those payments are too high and they effectively pay solar customers higher retail prices for power they could purchase from conventional sources at a much lower wholesale price. The compromise plan would reduce the payments but also place a value on the environmental benefits of solar …

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California Utility to hit NEM Cap Soon: The New NEM 2.0

SDG&E is the first to hit cap, followed by PG&E (NorCal) and finally SCE (SoCal) Therefore, it will be the first utility in California to enter NEM 2.0 territory, which kicks in after the 5% penetration mark is reached. This means that new, more expensive rules will come into effect …

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Solar Power Bright future After Recent PUC ruling

 This is good news for solar and a step in the right direction. However, we are still going to see some changes to the current Net Energy Metering agreement, changes soon to be announced. Daily News Reported: Rooftop solar-power panels have bloomed across houses and businesses over the last decade to …

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