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Sugar: Unlocking the Key to Better Health

The Science of Sugar: Here’s How Your Body Sees it

The effects of sugar can take your body down a vicious cycle known as metabolic syndrome. UC Davis altered the diets of a group of volunteers for her study. Instead of her subjects eating food like rice, pasta or bread, she had them consume a sugary beverage. The effects on the body started in the liver and from there Stanhope explains how that set off a chain of responses in the body.

Unlocking the key to better health? Get OFF all forms of synthetic sugar (the processed white powder and all artificial sweeteners) and let your body adjust without sugar (detox). This is where you must pay attention because most processed foods you purchase at typical grocery stores are full of sugar! Begin to transition to only the natural forms of sugar (Ex: honey, date sugar, maple syrup, sugar from fruit) and limit overall consumption. Once off sugar, most people notice more energy, better sleep, less body pain and a much better ability to focus!


FEATURING: Kimber Stanhope, UC Davis

The research highlighted in this video has been supported in part by the National Institutes of Health, University of California, Office of the President and the Tanita Healthy Weight Foundation.

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