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Proven Cases Where Dogs are Better for Your Health than Your Doctor

Dog owners will really be able to connect with this great article on This is something we already know, but there is some great scientific study behind it. make wonderful pets. They are great listeners, very loyal and loving companions. Many people say their lives would be empty without their dog. Pet parents take their canines everywhere and enjoy their mere presence. Owning a dog, however, can be more beneficial than simply making you happy as a reliable companion. There are multiple health benefits that dog ownership provides.

Obviously, when it comes to medical treatment such as surgery or physical therapy to rehabilitate an injured limb, there is no better alternative than an experienced surgeon in a sterile operating room with lots of assistance or an equipment-filled room with a reputable therapist on hand. However, according to experts and research studies, there are numerous medical conditions or impacts to one’s health that a dog can have a positive influence on.

Isn’t it amazing that a variety of serious conditions and life quality issues can be helped simply by choosing to become a dog owner? Adopting a dog and adding another member to the family can be a great way to bring life to the house and joy to the occupants, as well as improving physical and mental health of those around. Below we’re listing 15 ways how dogs are better than doctors and how they improve one’s health.

Epilepsy experts are also on the fence on whether dogs can detect a real epileptic seizure, but they also avoid dismissing this and consider that there is a possibility for dogs to be able to detect epilepsy. Gregory Krauss talks about a study by Adam Kirton in Calgary:

“Forty percent of the families reported their dogs developed an ability to respond to seizures. The families reported that about 20% of their dogs showed alerting behavior prior to the children’s seizures. Families were asked to keep diaries of their dogs’ responses to seizures in the study and it is unclear whether this alerting behavior was in response to subtle changes in behavior at the onset of the children’s seizures. No dog in Dr. Kirton’s study, for example, incorrectly anticipated seizures in the study, which is pretty unlikely.”

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is becoming more common not only among children in America, but even among adults and in many different countries. However, children with ADHD in particular need to learn responsibility and the importance of completing tasks as this is a vital pathway to learning. Experts are now talking about how with a dog in the home, the child has a living being that they love to show them the consequences if the animal is not fed or taken out on time, which in turn combats symptoms of ADHD.

Multiple studies have repeatedly shown that dogs can alert people to the presence of cancer in their bodies. The dogs’ amazing sense of smell – which is 100,000 times more acute than that of humans – can pick up on volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These VOCs can be caused by the presence of cancer a human’s body, allowing dogs to be trained to sniff out cancer sufferers.

Scientific evidence shows that there are more than one way how owning a dog can be great for your social life, too. First of all, owning a dog gets you out of your home more often, which is what we have established in the Heart Health section above with evidence to scientific research. You have no excuse to avoid leaving your residence when your dog needs to go to the bathroom and needs to work off some energy through regular walks or trips to the park. Hiding in the house is impossible. If you are lucky enough to have a big backyard, you don’t have to go far from home. However, even venturing into the backyard can be a social opportunity if you have neighbors close by, and research shows that dogs are a great tool for social interactions of this sort.

A doctor is invaluable in many situations. If there is a life-threatening injury or a necessary surgery to increase life expectancy or quality of life, there is nothing better than a doctor. However, it is simply amazing how many different ways a dog can improve your health, both physically and mentally. The greatest benefit of this is that you don’t have to work at it, which otherwise would probably increase your level of stress, risks of depression and chances for developing other mental or physical disabilities. Having a dog around is quite possibly the easiest way to deal with multiple health issues in kids, adults and seniors.

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